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The Trinity Organ

From the very beginning of Trinity’s history, our congregation’s singing has been led by the sounds of a pipe organ.  Congregational records show that our founding members “for a sum of $15 procured a little organ.”  In 1927 the congregation saw the need and desire to install a permanent pipe organ.  After much planning and saving, an eight-rank M.P. Moller pipe organ - Opus 4962 was installed.  That small eight-rank Moller organ served Trinity for nearly 60 years, until the renovation of our sanctuary, when it was replaced with a larger, newer Wicks pipe organ. 

The Wicks organ, Opus 1427, was built in 1936 for St. Mary’s Chapel in Hoboken, NJ. In 1975 it was removed and subsequently bought by Maxine and Paul Persson the next year.  The Persson family stored the organ until 1986, when they gave it Trinity.  The organ was refurbished with funds from by the Persson family and members of the congregation, and in June 1986 it was dedicated at Trinity.

In 2015 we prepared to mark the 80th anniversary of the original Wicks organ.  Plans centered around a refurbishment project to address the many complications and repairs the ageing console and organ needed.  An Organ Fund was established and the congregation responded and raised nearly one-third of the cost of the refurbishment project.  In early 2016, the family of long-time Trinity members Herbert and Gertrude Goddard offered to fund the remaining cost of the organ project with a gift from the Goddard estate.  The rosewood organ keyboards were made possible by contributions made to honor the service of interim pastor Rev. Daniel R. Schroeder.

The plaque, quoted below, acknowledges and gives thanks to all who made it possible for the people of Trinity to worship with the glorious sounds of a pipe organ for past 128 years, and for generations to come. 

Thanks Be To God!

To the Glory of God

and in Thanksgiving to:



For donating the Wick's Opus 1427 Organ in June 1986

To Members of the Congregation

 and to


for contributions to restore the organ – Peragallo Opus 748

and to

Friends and Family of


for the gift of the rosewood keyboards

Tonal Specifications

Two Manual and Pedal Pipe Organ

8-1/2 ranks of pipes with 634 speaking pipes

18-1/2 digitally sampled ranks  (wps = Walker pipe sample)

Pedal                                 # of voices                                                Great                # of voices

Flute Conique 32’                    32         wps                       Principal 8’                          61           pipes

Contre Bass 16’                        32          wps                      Rohr Bourdon 8’                61           wps

Sub Bass 16’                              32          wps                      Harmonic Flute 8’             61           pipes

Bourdon 16’                               12          pipes                    Spitz Flute Celeste II       122          wps

Octav Bass 8’                            12          wps                      Dulciana 8’                         61            pipes

Stopped Flute 8’                                     swell                    Octave 4’                            12            pipes

Spitz Flute 8’                                           great                    Flute Traverso 4’               12            pipes

Open Flute 4’                                         great                    Octavin 2’                           61            wps

Contre Fagotta 32’                  12          wps                      Fourniture IV                   244           wps

Trombone 16’                            32          wps                      Harmonic Trumpet 8’      61            pipes

Contre Fagotta 16’                                 swell                     Clarinet 8’                         61             wps

Harmonic Trumpet 8’                            great                    Tremblant

Clarinet 4’                                                great                    Chimes                              37            wps

Great to Pedal 8’                                                                 Great to Great 4’

Swell to Pedal 8’                                                                  Swell to Great 8’

Swell to Pedal 4’                                                                  Swell to Great 4’

Swell                                                                                    Combination System

Singen Diapason 8’                                 composite            Pistons

Stopped Gedeckt 8’                 61           pipes                     1 - 10 General                                   thumb and toe

Salicional 8’                                61           pipes                                 General Cancel                    thumb

Voix Celeste 8’                         49           pipes                     1 - 4   Swell                                       thumb

Prestant 4’                                 61           pipes                     1 - 4   Great                                      thumb

Nachthorn 4’                            61           wps                        1 - 3   Pedal                                       toe

Nasat 2-2/3’                             61           wps

Block Flute 2’                            12           wps                       Reversibles

Tierce 1-3/5’                             61           wps                       Great to Pedal                                 thumb and toe

Plein Jeu IV                            244          wps                       Sforzando                                         thumb and toe

Contra Fagotta 16’                  61           wps                       Setter                                                thumb

Trompette 8’                            61           wps                       Next                                                  thumb and toe

French Horn 8’                       61           pipes                     Previous                                            thumb

Oboe 8’                                    61           pipes

Clarion 4’                                  12           wps


Swell to Swell 16’

Swell to Swell 4’

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