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Rev. Fred Becker 

The Rev. Frederick E Becker has been the pastor of the congregation since November 2016. Graduating with a Masters of Divinity degree from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he was ordained in 2012. After several years serving a small congregation in Wildwood, New Jersey, he came to Trinity. Under his leadership the church is responding to the changing needs of the community of Dover and our own desire to be more intentionally welcoming to God’s children who are not typically included when people say “everyone is welcome.” 

The church has caused great pain to too many people who identify as gay, lesbian, transgender or in some way as “other”. Since coming out in 1990, he has worked to create communities of faith where  all God’s children can feel they belong.

Pastor Fred is active in the ELCA’s New Jersey Synod, having served on the Synod Council, and as chaplain for the senior high Winter Youth Gathering.  He is currently providing leadership to the Excellence in Ministry Unleashed (EMU) project. He is also involved as a board member of the Mayor’s Faith Based Organization effort in Dover.

Substantial changes in Dover and Morris County are creating new energies and new challenges. Fred says that he’s never bored. “Helping a dynamic faith community develop and grow is fascinating, encouraging, and hard.”

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