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Edna's Haven

Edna's Haven was established to be a place that offers a sense of community, belonging,

and temporary relief from the pressures of poverty. Run by the Mental Health Association of Essex and Morris Counties, Edna's Haven was started with a generous donation from Zion Lutheran Church.


 For those who are not fortunate enough to have shelter, companionship, and bountiful amenities, Edna’s Haven is exactly what its name implies,  a haven for those in need, helping them network with social service agencies, find jobs and housing, and access the mental and physical healthcare systems. 


Edna's Haven's mission statement vows to

provide a safe and welcoming daytime refuge for

all in addition to:

  • Renewing hope

  • Giving comfort

  • Fostering self-sufficiency

  • Enriching lives

Edna’s Haven also provides case management services, job searching/interviewing skills, and free Internet access and computer use. 

How You Can Help

Edna's Haven is always looking for volunteers to donate their time and talents, and donations and bequests to ensure the continuation of this service are gratefully accepted. 

Learn More

Edna’s Haven is supervised by the Mental Health Association of Essex and Morris Counties. The program coordinator connects individuals at Edna’s Haven with social service programs that provide case management, supportive housing, medical assistance, and outreach services to those in need. 

Hour of operation:

Monday-Friday from 1:00PM -5:00PM


Trinity Lutheran Church

123 E. Blackwell Street

Dover, NJ 07801

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