Our Mission Statement

Living 4 Giving (L4G) is a group of Christians from Trinity Lutheran Church of Dover, New Jersey. L4G encourages the church membership to be aware of societal needs by providing various opportunities to serve within our church, local, and worldwide communities. This can be in the form of service, tangible items and/or monetary gifts. 

God's Work. Our Hands. 

"God's work. Our hands." Sunday is an opportunity to celebrate who we are as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America-one church freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor. 

Service activities offer an opportunity for us to explore one of our most basic convictions as Lutherans: that all of life in Jesus Christ - every act of service, in every daily calling, in every corner of life - flows freely from a living, daring confidence in God's grace. 

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Congregational Time and Talent 

What gifts do you have to share with TLC? How can you give of your time and talent? By filling out the Time and Talent Sheet in October, you can get involved and share your time and talent with TLC. 

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Alternative Gift Fair

The Alternative Gift Fair is held every other year in November just in time for Christmas shopping. There are varying tables set up - in the past we have had Make-A-Wish, The Seeing Eye, Habitat for Humanity, Faith Kitchen, Food Pantry, Edna's Haven, etc. set up tables where you can donate in someone's honor or memory. Also, we have items sold at the Fair that are handcrafted. It is a way for you to shop with intention for ethically-sourced wares.  



In 2020 our Advent project was to collect money/gift cards to support Head Start of Morris County. With Covid-19 they were not able to accept donated toys or clothing as usual. Head Start serves 333 of the youngest and most vulnerable children right here in Morris County. Our goal was to collect 75 gift cards worth $25 each. We were able to surpass our goal giving them over 100 gift cards! 

Love Sunday 

Traditionally held near Valentine's Day, our project usually is a tangible item that can be donated to a group in need. In 2021 we collected donations for Mallory's Army foundation. In the fight against bullying, Trinity has donated $609 to Mallory’s Army. We pray that this act of love will help to continue the battle by enabling the spread of information concerning this problem, which effects many young people, and which is also often hidden from view. God bless you for your concern and your outpouring of generosity.  You are the evidence that God’s hands continue to work in the world.   

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Souperbowl Sunday

On Superbowl Sunday TLC holds "Souperbowl Sunday" and the congregation collects non-perishable food items for our Food Pantry. 

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Each Lenten season we choose a project to dedicate our time and talent to. This year we collected gift cards/money for Family Promise of Morris County. 

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day a project is chosen that revolves around women's issues. This year we celebrate all women in our lives who have made a difference by donating formula and diapers to North Porch. 

Father's Day

Similar to Mother's Day, on Father's Day we choose a project that revolves around men's issues. This year we will celebrate all the men in our lives who have made a difference by donating to Church World Service Blankets. 

Other Projects

Sometimes the need arises and we are ready for the call. We will add in projects as warranted. Last year, we participated in the Bishop's Challenge which raised money to purchase 5 cows for world hunger!