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Trinity's Prayer List

“In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.”

Psalm 5:3

Make a Prayer Request

The power of Prayer keeps us connected in Christ.  It's our global connection, whether you're in Africa or across the street, God is listening.  Prayer can take on many forms, silently from the heart, freely and spontaneously, in groups reaching out together.


Do you have someone or something you would like Trinity to pray about?

At Trinity we a list of people to include in our weekly intercessory prayers and maintain this prayer list which is also posted in the church.

If you have something you would like lifted up in prayer, send us a Prayer Request.

We are praying for...

Trinity members
Marion Holtzman


Friends and family of TLC members
Karen Yates (Sandy Dean and Neil and Marion Holtzman's friend)
Dawn Atkins (Darleen and Ben Wawroski's friend)
Pete Connors and family (Erin DeKorte's friends)
Joe Berkimer (friend of Pastor Fred's)
Deanna Ryan-Meister (Charlie Haas's friend)
Carlos Valencia (Trinity's friend)
Barbara Shuttle, Edith Gamba and Anne Nargeolet (Charlie Haas's friends)
Joe Tarantino (Gary Tarantino's brother)
Sue Nobelman (Carol Johnson's friend)
Gene Cutler (Becky Wawroski's friend)
Ray Fullam (Carol Johnson's friend) 
Becky Lilja (Rev. Sara Lilja's sister)
Barbara Houser (Neil Holtzman’s sister)

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